Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape Town

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape TownBeing the baby sister in the SAtrancefamily, I got to meet with the lovely people from Cosmic Gate (Nic Chagall and 'Bossi') and Emma Hewitt in Cape Town recently while on their 'Wake Your Mind' tour. The evening of the event was crazily energetic and I arranged to meet up for an interview over coffee the next morning.

ML – Marilu Matthee | AS – Anton Schutte (Organiser & DJ) | CG – Bossi, from Cosmic Gate

ML: “How was last night?”

CG: “We had such a great time. Lots of great people and good champagne,  I drink it with ice so I can party all night”

ML: “Was this your first time in Cape Town? South Africa?”

CG: “No, we have been coming here since 2002. Probably have been here around five, six times already. The last time was in 2010 along with the World Cup. We had a party of similar size (800-900 people), but last night was something else! There has been such a buzz around us coming here to do the tour. Every 5 minutes there is someone tweeting or punting our tour online.”

AS: “In JHB there was not a single flyer printed and ticket sales where all done by social network and word of mouth”

ML: “Incredible”

ML: “For this tour is this your second stop after Sydney?”

CG: “People always ask if we are on tour. No, we have been touring for the last 15 years of our lives. We have a gig on every single weekend. I had one weekend off in January. There is another weekend open in June for vacation and I’m sure that the next open weekend will only be in January 2013 again.”

ML: “Wow, that is amazing to be so busy!”

CG: “Well someone has to feed the fish”

(ha ha ha ha)

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt South African Tour – Cape TownAS: “Music was great last night”

(all agree)

AS: “Must say that I played a pretty good set myself”

CG: “We just got the last end of it, but you were going off. Funky for most of the kids”

ML: “I must say, I found it so interesting that there was such a young crowd there last night who still enjoys this genre of music.”

CG: “We have managed to appeal to the younger crowd. Having said that there are a lot of people still following us from the 1990’ies. We are fortunate to be able to combine the different crowds and still have a good time.”

AS: “Probably half of the crowd at the Cape Town show would have been 5-6 years old when your first tracks were released.”

ML: “That is awesome that a new generation is appreciating the music. Not that there weren’t any older people.”

AS: “The oldest person there was about 65 years old and the first person to arrive. German guy.”

CG: “No, really? Why didn’t he come up to say hello?

AS: “He kept asking me what time you were going to start”

ML: “Ag shame man”

CG: “This is why we do it. You can’t produce music if there is no one to like it . You can only produce music that you feel and hope that others feel it to. To produce new music for the people who love it.”

(he takes a sip of his cappuccino)

CG: “Oh, this cappuccino is good”

ML: “I must say that Cape Town is known for their great cappuccinos, that’s for sure”

CG: “Oh, yes?

AS: “There are many amazing coffee shops around Cape Town that roast their own beans and coffee”

CG: “I love Cape Town, South Africa”

I would like to thank Anton Schutte for the VIP treatment at this amazing event and for being a part of the interview. The event was a massive success and we are looking forward to many more in the future.
Marilu Matthee

Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt and Marilu